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Q: Why do I need an Inventory?

A: In light of the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) which was introduced in April 2007, all deductions from deposits now require explanation. It is therefore advised that a comprehensive, independent inventory is compiled, which should ensure that you avoid any dispute at the end of the tenancy & can provide justification for deducting the cost of any dilapidations or damage.


Q: Why use Independent Property Inventories?

A: The main & most crucial reason to use an Independent Inventory Clerk is that should there be an argument over the deposit at end of the tenancy, & the situation is referred to alternative dispute resolution the arbitrators will be unlikely to consider any incomplete, messy or hard-to-decipher document & will likely automatically fine in favour of the tenant. A detailed Inventory by an Independent Inventory Clerk like Professional Property Inventories Ltd is the only sure way to record a fair & true representation of the property. We are thorough, unbiased & will notice things that Landlords, Tenants or Letting Agents may miss. The benefit of our products to all parties involved in the tenancy agreement is protection of interests & prevention of deposit abuse.

Q: Do you have discounts for large Portfolios?

A: We believe that our prices are very competitive for the high quality service we provide so do not generally offer discounts. However for large volumes of guaranteed work, we are willing to discuss this. Please contact us directly.


Q: What notice do you require for bookings?

A: Ideally we ask for a couple of days' notice. However, we always try to accommodate all booking requests & can often accommodate bookings at extremely short notice, sometimes even the same day, depending on workload at any given time. But be warned that weekends are extremely busy so book as early as you can.


Q: What training do your clerks receive?

A: All our clerks have been on the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) training course & are accredited with the AIIC Certificate. They then go out with qualified staff for two weeks before they do there own reports. They receive constant back up & support & on going training where appropriate. All clerks have intermittent spot checks to ensure our quality does not wear.


Q: What hours do you work?

A: All our clerks work between the hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. All calls are either to the office or mobiles. If you can not contact one of our clerks please leave a message on the answer phone or email & our policy is to return all calls or reply to emails within 24 hours.


Q: What is your Company Registration Number?

A: Our company is registered in England & Wales & our Company Registration Number is 7079894


Q: What Insurance do Professional Property Inventories Ltd hold?

A: Professional Property Inventories Ltd is fully insured. We hold £1m of employers' liability cover, £1m of public liability cover & £250,000 of professional indemnity insurance (for any one claim). Copies of certificates are available on request.
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